Saturday, December 18, 2010

The need for Local Organizing

The mask has come off, Obama's concessions has eliminated the new deal, so now the fight is on. The raw deal of Obama has to be reversed and it must begin with the grassroots.

1. In your neighborhoods everywhere organize study groups to examine this statement (Populist Wedge Declaration), to discuss strategies, and to organize.
2. In some neighborhoods, it will not be to difficult to canvass, others may be more difficult and require licenses from City hall. But we have to get the word out. When neighborhood study group is ready, contact National office and we will prepare literature that you can use.
3. When possible, run for office or have someone in your group run. Even if just for a psotion in local democratic party or club, using the Populist Wedge Statement as your platform.
4. Use facebook, the Populist Wedge website for National coordinating of these neighborhood groups.
5. When the time is right, we from the National office will call for regional and National Conferences, be sure to attend and partipate. An annual convention is a goal, before the next Presidential election.

For myself and it is really hoped shared by all or at least a majority here, that it is obvious what must done in the immediate moment. We might disagree as to what the long range goal may be, and that is fine for this will make us more dynamic - but for the immediacy of the moment, there is a real need for commitment to build a movement from the grassroots, to reach out to our neighbors, to spread the word to the local community that not all is lost. Collectively we can make headway. The smaller victories can be taken to the larger State level, and can be taken to larger bodies of our political parties to be adopted. This is essential and no doubt will take a little time to achieve. We waste our time stay insulated and safe while staying on Facebook. From the National Office of LID, we can provide whatever support we have and help keep each local effort in the spotlight and network the local to the national.

Help us make this real, go to the LID website and use PayPal button and join ($20.00) or contribute as a sustainer of this effort.

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