Friday, November 26, 2010

Media Coordinator Update, 11/26/10

So far this week, I’ve detected five “pickups” — reprints of C4SS commentaries in the “mainstream” print media:

The Bakersfield, California Californian ran Ross Kenyon’s “Tax-cut policy on a bumper sticker” on November 19th.
On the 22nd, the Tehran, Iran Times and the Oxford, Ontario Review ran “Torture: The Great American Export” by David D’Amato.
My own “Dim Bulbs Seek Bright Lines: The LA Times vs. American Travelers” appeared in the Caroll County, Maryland Standard on the 23rd.
The Deming, New Mexico Headlight ran Kevin Carson’s “The TSA is Evil AND Stupid” on the 24th.Media Coordinator Update, 11/26/10

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CyberB said...

This is a 'market anarchism group, bu the articles are good to promote discussion and maybe generate ideas which need to be examined.